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Photos of normal 4-cell human IVF embryos on day 2 of development

Human embryos are usually at the 4 cell stage at some point on day 2

4 cell in vitro fertilization embryo
High quality 4 cell embryo from IVF
Upper cell in middle is out of plane of focus
Zona pellucida (shell) visible as halo (not in focus)
Numerous sperm are visible attached to the outside of the zona (they lost the race)
Embryo transfer resulted in pregnancy

High quality day 2 embryo
Another very good 4-cell embryo (different patient)
Cumulus cells from the ovary are seen at 6 to 8 o'clock
Embryo transfer resulted in pregnancy

Embryo quality and grading
Granular 4 cell embryo
Embryo images
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