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Egg donors wanted in the Chicago area

How to become an egg donor at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

First, you must be willing to commit to coming in several times during the egg donation treatment cycle to one of our 3 offices in the Chicago area - Chicago, Gurnee, or Crystal Lake.

Egg donors are compensated $7,000 for each completed cycle.

To become a donor, call us at (847) 662-1818
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Consider donating some eggs - a very special gift to an infertile couple

We are an egg donor agency as well as a very successful egg donation clinic. Fertile egg donors of all ethnic backgrounds are needed.

We currently have more urgent need for Asian and Caucasian egg donors.

Donors must be:

  • Healthy non-smokers
  • Not substantially overweight (body mass index under 30)
  • 21-29 years old
  • Live within 40 miles of one of our 3 offices located in Chicago, Gurnee, IL and Crystal Lake, IL

If you are an appropriate candidate, we will have you complete an egg donor questionnaire and then do some screening tests. If it appears that you are a good candidate to be an egg donor, we create an anonymous profile about you - and add you to our available egg donor list.

Couples that want to be recipients of donor eggs can then choose you as their (anonymous) donor. For more details regarding the egg donation procedure, see the IVF procedures pages and the egg donation sample calendar - or call us and speak with one of our nurses.