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How much does it cost to freeze your eggs at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago?

The cost of freezing eggs with us is less than at most other clinics

Cost to freeze eggs
(Oocyte preservation cost)

Stimulation cycle and egg retrieval $7,250
Freezing eggs cost $800
Egg freezing cycle cost $8050 plus meds
First year of storage of frozen eggs Included
Long-term storage of frozen eggs Additional charge
  • Eggs can be frozen to preserve fertility for the future for women that are not yet ready to start a family or for women with cancer facing chemotherapy that is toxic to eggs
  • We freeze eggs using the highly effective vitrification method
  • More about egg freezing for fertility preservation
  • More about the decision making process about if, and when to freeze your eggs

Included services in our egg freezing cycle package:

Excluded services - not included in our egg freezing cycle package:

  • Screening tests prior to egg freezing
  • Medications to stimulate multiple egg development (usually $2000-4000). Medication cost varies according to dose required for ovarian stimulation.
  • Consultations with the physician
  • Long-term storage beyond 1 year

When you are ready to thaw and use your frozen eggs:

Our cost for thawing eggs, fertilizing with ICSI, culturing the embryos, and embryo transfer to the uterus is $5,800.