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In Vitro Fertilization Embryo Freezers

These freezers are from the older method of "slow freezing". We no longer use freezers like this to freeze embryos. We have been vitrifying embryos to freeze them since 2008. Storage of frozen embryos is still done using similar liquid nitrogen tanks.

Embryo freezer for IVF
For "slow freezing" the embryos are frozen in small straws in a controlled rate freezer
For vitrification, a controlled rate freezer is not needed
After freezing by either method, straws are put in a liquid nitrogen tank for storage

Cryopreservation area in IVF lab
The cryo area of our IVF lab
1: Liquid nitrogen supply tank
2: Backup embryo freezer
3: Main embryo freezer
4 & 5: Liquid nitrogen tanks for storing frozen embryos and sperm

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