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ICSI for fertilization with male factor infertility Pictures demonstrating IVF ICSI process of fertilizing eggs

icsi at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago, Illinois

About to inject the egg with a sperm Holding pipette on left ICSI needle on right Sperm head visible in needle at far right, just below X Polar body of egg at 7 o'clock

ICSI injection of sperm into egg

Needle is advanced to the left Shell of embryo has already been penetrated by needle Membrane of egg (oolemma) is stretching and is about to break Sperm head is visible at tip of needle

icsi for fertilization with male infertility

ICSI needle has penetrated the egg membrane A single sperm is being injected into the cytoplasm of the egg

About 16-18 hours after the ICSI process is done, we check the eggs for fertilization evidence.