Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago ivf

In Vitro Fertilization laboratory tour at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

IVF laboratory equipment, IVF techniques

What does the IVF lab equipment look like?

IVF lab picture

Grading IVF embryos prior to embryo transfer procedure
The embryos are in a Petri dish inside an isolette in our IVF lab
The embryologist is using a stereo microscope to view them at high magnification

IVF lab

From left to right: Isolette, incubators, hood with microscope

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What does an embryologist really look like?


We keep the eggs and embryos in the incubators. They are happier there.

incubator for ivf

The laminar flow hood and the stereo microscope where we find the eggs at the time of the IVF egg aspiration procedure

IVF hood

The inverted microscope where we do the ICSI and the assisted hatching procedures

inverted microscope for ICSI

Dishes in the hood containing eggs and follicular fluid from an IVF egg retrieval

follicular fluid from ivf

The embryo freezers - used to freeze spare embryos

embryo freezer for ivf

The embryo freezing procedure

embryo freezing straws

The storage tank for the frozen surplus IVF embryos

frozen embryo storage tank

8 cell embryo 2
A 3 day old embryo containing 8 cells
This is a high quality embryo for transfer back to the woman's uterus

More IVF pictures of eggs, sperms, and embryos

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