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Multiple IVF Cycle Cost Plan Without Refund

Package price includes up to 2 fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles

We offer 3 in vitro fertilization cost plans, including multiple cycle packages and pricing options with a money back guarantee if IVF doesn't work.

  1. Single cycle IVF pricing
  2. Multiple IVF cycle pricing - without a money back refund (see details below)
  3. Multiple IVF cycle plans with an 80% refund if there is no success - from $18,000 (without monitoring)
Multiple Cycle In Vitro Fertilization Package

Includes up to 2 fresh and 2 frozen IVF cycles

No special qualifications required

$16,500 without monitoring of ovarian stimulation
$20,000 with monitoring of ovarian stimulation
IVF stimulation monitoring can be done out of town or can be covered by health insurance

  • The multiple cycle plans are only available for patients that are not covered by their health insurance plan for in vitro fertilization services.
  • Couples interested in a multiple cycle plan can choose between 2 options
    • Multiple cycle plan without refunds offers up to 2 fresh IVF cycles and up to 2 frozen embryo transfer cycles for a fixed fee
    • Our "shared risk" IVF pricing plan offers multiple cycles (if needed) and an 80% refund if not successful. Not all couples will qualify for shared risk

Here's how our multiple cycle IVF plan works

  • You pay a fixed cost for up to 2 fresh IVF cycles and 2 cycles using frozen embryos
  • When a baby is born the package fee is earned by us (our obligation is done) and no treatment cycles remain for future use
  • Embryo freezing and embryo storage for one year are included
  • Charges for a canceled IVF cycle are treated the same way as with our other IVF pricing plans
  • Some patients will not have embryos left over after the fresh transfer to be frozen
  • There is no refund for fresh or frozen cycles that are not utilized

The package price is substantially less than it would be for 2 single cycles plus 2 frozen embryo transfer cycles with our single cycle plan pricing. Our multiple cycle without refund plan may be attractive to patients interested in a multiple cycle plan and do not qualify because of age, ovarian reserve, or other factors for our shared risk multiple cycle plan with money back.

This multiple cycle plan includes up to two fresh and two frozen cycles and is available for all patients that qualify for in vitro fertilization through age 44. There are no special qualifying criteria for entry into this plan.

Included services in our multiple cycle IVF plan:

Excluded services - not included in this IVF plan:

  • Pre-IVF screening tests
  • Medications (see below)
  • Sperm freezing or storage
  • Pregnancy testing and monitoring of early pregnancy
  • Consultations with the physician

Medication costs for IVF

Medication costs can be as low as $1500 for IVF treatment, but average about $3000 and will vary according to the unit price, the dosage and the duration of the stimulation. Meds can cost up to $5000-$7000.

The cost of IVF stimulation medications depends on drug dosing and duration of stimulation needed to get a good ovarian response. Insurance sometimes covers IVF medications.

Coming to us from out of town for in vitro fertilization

Many couples travel here from other states in the US or Canada for their IVF or egg donation treatment.

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