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Laparoscopic pictures of tubal surgery to open blocked tubes

Laparoscopic repair of hydrosalpinx - a blocked fallopian tube (neosalpingostomy)

Tubal factor infertility is common and can be treated with tubal surgery or in vitro fertilization

Lysis of adhesions for tubal infertility
First scar tissue and adhesions are cut away so the tube can be freed from adjacent organs
A grasper is holding some scar tissue and laparoscopic scissors are being used to cut it

Pelvic scarring is a common cause of female infertility

Laparoscopy photo album

Blocked and scarred fallopian tube
Then the blocked end of the tube is identified
The end of the tube is stuck to the ovary in this case

Opening a blocked tube with laparoscopy
Finally, the tube is completely freed from surrounding organs
Then incisions are made in the blocked end of the tube to open it
The new opening in the end of the tube is at the "O"