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How to do IVF procedures at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago from out of our area

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We have many "out of town" and out of state patients that prefer to travel to an in vitro fertilization clinic with high IVF success rates and reasonable IVF costs, rather than have the IVF procedures done in a local in vitro fertilization center.

People have come from many states in the U.S. to have their IVF or egg donation treatment cycle at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. About 20% of our in vitro fertilization patients do not live in our area.

This page is about options for coming to us for in vitro fertilization procedures if you do not live in our area.

If you want to come for egg donation, see the donor egg from out of town page

There are several ways we work with people from out of town and out of state:

  1. You can make one extended trip to our area and have your entire ovarian stimulation and IVF cycle and then return home. This option requires a 2-3 week stay here. The exact duration of the stay depends on the ovarian stimulation protocol used in your case, the length of time required by your ovaries to respond to the medications, and whether you have a day 3, or a day 5 blastocyst transfer.
    • In this scenario, we have you do a "long distance consult" first so that we can go over your case and discuss the options.
  2. You can come for a "new patient visit" now and then come back for #1 above when we do the cycle. This way we meet in person and can do an ultrasound on you and often a "mock embryo transfer" (a trial, or "dry run" of the embryo transfer procedure).

See a sample IVF calendar for an example of the ovarian stimulation and procedure dates

We prefer (but do not insist) that you to come to our center for a new patient visit within about 1-2 months prior to beginning the injectable fertility drugs. During this visit, you will meet with your doctor and also spend some time with one of our nurses reviewing the use of injectable medications and other important issues regarding the cycle monitoring and procedures.

You should have day 3 FSH and estradiol blood tests prior to starting your IVF stimulation. This is a test of ovarian reserve - egg quantity and quality. These tests can be done at our clinic, or can be done with a laboratory closer to you.

For patients that live far north of us in upper Wisconsin or northern Michigan, we have established remote monitoring with several OB/GYN offices.

As part of the Prelude network of clinics, you may be able to monitor at one of our partnering Prelude clinics if that is convenient for you. For more details, call our office and talk with one of the nurses.

We will need a sperm specimen from the male partner on the day of the egg retrieval. This will be used to inseminate the female partner's eggs.

We perform the embryo transfer procedure either 3 days, or 5 days (blastocyst transfer) after the egg retrieval. We then request that you have "modified bed rest" for the remainder of that day (day of the transfer procedure). However, many (successful) couples have traveled back to their home areas that same day.

See a list of motels that are close to our center

Both Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are a short drive from our offices.Both of those cities have much to offer in the way of restaurants, museums and other sightseeing and cultural activities.


Information provided by and last updated on (4/26/2019) by: Michelle Catenacci, MD

Dr. Catenacci joined the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago in 2012 and is our medical director. She is board-certified in both Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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