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We have many "out of town patients" that prefer to travel to an egg donation program. Couples have come from many states in the U.S. - as well as from overseas - to have their egg donation cycle at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. About 30% of our donor egg IVF recipients live outside the Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas.

There are several ways we work with donor egg recipients that live far away:

Most of our out of town recipients of donor eggs have the monitoring of their uterine lining done in their home area. Then the couple comes here the day before the donor's egg retrieval. They usually then stay in the area until the embryo transfer. This then becomes a total time here of about 6 days.

You can do a "long distance consult" first so that we can go over your case in detail and discuss all relevant issues. You can then have the monitoring of your uterine lining performed in your home area. Usually, only one or two ultrasounds are required to document a proper uterine lining. The male partner needs to come here the day prior to the donor's egg retrieval, and the female partner needs to come here by the day prior to the embryo transfer. This is the most common scenario utilized by couples from far away.

See a sample egg donation calendar for an example of procedure timing, when you would need to be here, etc.

Or, you can come for a "new patient visit" and then come back for #1 above when we do the egg donation cycle. This way we meet in person and can do an ultrasound on you and often a "mock embryo transfer" (a trial, or "dry run" of the embryo transfer procedure).

Or, you can make one extended trip to our area and have the monitoring of your uterine lining as well as the embryo transfer performed in our clinic - and then return home. This requires about a 2-3 week stay here (therefore, not many couples do this). The duration of the stay depends on the duration of the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor. In this scenario, we have you do a long distance consult prior to coming to be sure all relevant issues have been discussed.

The male partner needs to be here by the day before (or early morning of) the donor's egg retrieval procedure. We need his sperm on the day of the egg retrieval in order to inseminate the donor eggs. The male can then leave and potentially return with the female for the embryo transfer procedure several days later. The female recipient needs to arrive here by the day before (or early morning of) the scheduled embryo transfer procedure.

We usually perform the embryo transfer procedure 5 days (blastocyst transfer) after the egg retrieval. We request that you have "modified bed rest" for the remainder of that day (day of the transfer procedure). However, many (successful) couples have traveled back to their home areas that same day.

See a list of motels that are close to our center

The Chicago area has many other hotels and motels which are not as convenient for travel to our location but offer additional amenities that you may desire. Both Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are approximately a 30 minute to one hour drive from us and have much to offer in the way of restaurants, museums, and other sightseeing and cultural activities.

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