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Abstract of the article "Comparison of mouse embryo development in open and microdrop coculture systems"

Research project by Richard Sherbahn, MD
Published in the medical journal "Human Reproduction"

An abstract is only a brief summary of a scientific article - please see the journal article itself for the full study details.

Human Reproduction October, 1996 (Vol. 11) Pages 2223-2229.

Abstract of the article:

Coculture with numerous cell lines has been shown to improve in vitro embryonic development. It is usually performed in open culture, without an oil overlay, or in relatively large volumes of medium (e.g. 0.5 ml) under oil. We compared the efficacy of open and microdrop coculture systems using human endometrial and tubal cell lines and mouse zygotes.

Although the mean pH values of the media from the tubal cell cultures (both open and oil-covered) decreased significantly over 5 days of culture, this did not appear to impair embryonic development.

Both coculture and microdrop culture significantly improved blastocyst and hatching blastocyst formation rates. The combination of the two techniques (microdrop and coculture) demonstrated the highest blastocyst formation and hatching blastocyst formation rates, as well as the highest mean cell numbers in hatching blastocysts. Coculture in a microdrop is a superior system for mouse embryo culture.

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