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Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago Merges with Prelude Fertility

by on Jun.17, 2018, under Age and Fertility, Egg Freezing, Fertility Preservation, Prelude Fertility

By now you might have heard that our fertility center has been acquired by an entity called Prelude. What does this mean for the future? The short answer is that you should not notice any difference. We will continue to maintain our excellent in vitro fertilization and egg donation success rates and will still be caring for those infertile couples who need caring and compassionate treatment. So what is the merger all about?

Prelude was started by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, who went through his own journey with infertility. His wife, Nina, only 31 years at the time, was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. Mr. Varsavsky came to the realization that many young women not yet ready for motherhood could protect their future fertility by considering fertility preservation (egg freezing) during their most fertile years. Prelude has partnered with fertility clinics in many states around the US and is still looking to increase the size of the Prelude network. You can learn more about Prelude Fertility on their website.

Prelude was created in an effort to make fertility preservation more available and more affordable for young women, utilizing all the best available technology for egg (and sperm) freezing and preimplantation genetic testing of embryos. Egg freezing for fertility preservation and preimplantation genetic testing are services that we have already been successfully providing for many years, along with the other fertility services we offer. None of that is changing, but we will now have additional momentum getting us even more involved in fertility preservation than in the past.

What does this mean going forward? The merger with Prelude will allow us to also expand our efforts to educate the public about the importance of women considering preserving fertility by freezing eggs to be used later (if needed) when they are ready to have a family.  Women that freeze eggs for the future are creating a backup plan that gives them an opportunity to build a family using frozen-thawed “young” eggs even if they are 40 or 45 or older when they decide to have a child. This would  allow many people to avoid the difficulties associated with trying to have children at age 40 and older.

What will the future bring on this journey with Prelude as our partner? We expect there will be synergy derived from the merger that will help us to continue to grow and expand into new markets and continue to provide the highest quality fertility services with reasonable pricing.


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Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

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