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Women Waiting Longer to Have Kids – Fertility Issues

by on Aug.22, 2009, under Age and Fertility

Age and female fertility and waiting to have babies

  • A recent report on the average age at first childbirth from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics showed that as of 2006, women in the US waited an average of 3.6 years longer to have their first baby, as compared to 1970.
  • There is not enough discussion in our society about the effect of age on fertility.
  • Women’s liberation is a good thing and women have made very significant advances over the past 40 years. Many women are pursuing advanced education and careers.
  • However, there is a potential “disconnect” involved. Women are waiting longer to have children – but many are not educated about what that delay can do to their fertility.

These days, many couples try to have their first child when the woman is in her mid-to-late 30s. Some will get pregnant easily, and others end up needing fertility treatments. (continue reading…)

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