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Our 2017 Success Rates Using Fresh Donor Eggs

Pregnancy Success Rates Using Fresh Donor Eggs

January 1 through December 31, 2017

All Ages Combined

Number of embryo transfers


Percentage of embryo transfers resulting in live births


Our 2017 Success Rates Using Frozen Donor Eggs

Pregnancy Success Rates Using Frozen Donor Eggs

January 1 through December 31, 2017

All Ages Combined

Number of embryo transfers


Percentage of embryo transfers resulting in live births


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Links to the US government CDC Report on IVF and Egg Donation Success Rates

It is important to do research on any program you are considering for a treatment cycle. In 2017, the U.S national average live birth for fresh donor eggs was 48.9%, and the U.S national average live birth rate for frozen donor egg cycles was 39.3%. At AFCC, we work hard to keep pregnancy rates above the national average, and because of this, many patients will travel to do egg donation with us. Over the years, we have had patients that have traveled from all throughout the USA and even overseas to do a treatment cycle with us. In fact, 30% of our donor egg IVF recipients live outside the Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas. Because of this, we have had much experience with working with out of town patients.

There are several ways we work with donor egg recipients that live far away:

Many out of town patients will start their journey with us by doing a "long distance consult". Here, you have a conference call with a physician that will go over your case in detail and discuss all relevant issues. Once you have decided to do treatment with us, you will come and visit us for one pre-cycle evaluation. During this evaluation we will examine the uterus thoroughly and freeze sperm for the upcoming cycle. Our Chicago office is a short Taxi drive from O'Hare airport, and many patients will fly in and out on the same day for this visit. Once you are doing the treatment cycle, you can then have the monitoring of your uterine lining performed in your home area. Usually, two or three ultrasounds are required to document a proper uterine lining. If we do not freeze sperm ahead of time, the male partner needs to come here the day prior to the donor's egg retrieval or egg thaw, and the female partner needs to come here by the day prior to the embryo transfer. This is the most common scenario utilized by couples from far away.

See a sample egg donation calendar for an example of procedure timing, when you would need to be here, etc.

Alternatively, you can come for a "new patient visit" where we can set up the physician consultation, uterus evaluation and sperm freeze all on the same day. They you would be coming back to us during the donor cycle in preparation for transfer as stated above.

Some patients may decide to make one extended trip to our area and have the monitoring of your uterine lining as well as the embryo transfer performed in our clinic - and then return home. This requires about a 2-3 week stay here (therefore, not many couples do this). The duration of the stay depends on the duration of the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor. In this scenario, we have you do a long distance consult prior to coming to be sure all relevant issues have been discussed.

We usually perform the embryo transfer procedure 5 days (blastocyst transfer) after the egg retrieval. We request that you have "modified bed rest" for the remainder of that day (day of the transfer procedure). However, many (successful) couples have traveled back to their home areas that same day.

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Many patients with choose to stay in the Gurnee area around the time of embryo transfer. However, some will stay closer to Chicago or Milwaukee to enjoy the other amenities these cities have to offer. Both Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are approximately a 30 minute to one-hour drive from our Gurnee location and have much to offer in the way of restaurants, museums, and other sightseeing and cultural activities.

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Information provided by and last updated on (5/30/2019) by: Michelle Catenacci, MD

Dr. Catenacci joined the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago in 2012 and is our medical director. She is board-certified in both Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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I am so grateful for Advanced Fertility Center. I just had my son Leland. I want to thank Dr. Catenacci and all of the nurses that helped us. Especially Ashley in the Crystal Lake office. You made this process easier by being supportive and positive. Thank you very much!


Dr. Sherban and his staff are the most amazing, compassionate, and supportive people. After almost 5 years of trying to conceive, going through numerous tests and meeting with another clinic closer to home, who told me my chances even with IVF were still very low, a good friend recommended advanced fertility center of Chicago. Best decision we ever made! We now have 2 amazing children who are now 5 and 3 years old! I cannot stress enough how amazing this staff is, they make you feel like family!


Our experience was amazing with Dr. Cantanucci and all of the nurses (especially Ashley). After ttc for 4 years and at 41 years of age, we became pregnant after 1 round of IVF, and had our beautiful boy this past October. Can't thank them enough!


2/7/15 our son was born all thanks to the assistance of Dr. Sherbahn and his staff. Everyone was so helpful and here for all our questions, worries, etc. They want this for you just as much as you want this for you! Handled with pure professionalism and care from the very start! Thank you advanced fertility!