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Assisted Hatching with IVF
Video Showing Assisted Embryo Hatching

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Video of assisted hatching procedure
Click play below to see a 30 second assisted hatching video

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Assisted hatching in IVF
An 8-cell embryo in the process of assisted hatching
Holding pipette on left, hatching needle on right
As the shell (or zona pellucida) around the embryo is dissolved,
the needle is advanced to the left until a small opening is made

See more images showing assisted hatching details

Who should be treated with assisted hatching?

The most commonly used indications for assisted hatching with an in vitro fertilization case are:

In our IVF clinic, we use assisted hatching on just about all cases - because we think it increases the pregnancy and delivery rates.

How is assisted hatching performed using acid Tyrode's solution?

  1. The embryo is held with a specialized holding pipette
  2. A very delicate, hollow needle is used to expel the acidic solution against the outer "shell" (zona pellucida) of the embryo
  3. A small hole is made in the shell by digesting it with the acidic solution
  4. The embryo is then washed and put back in culture in the incubator
  5. The embryo transfer procedure is done shortly after the hatching procedure.
  6. Embryo transfer places the embryos in the uterus where they will hopefully implant and develop to result in a birth.
See assisted hatching using a laser

Pregnancy rates

Pregnancy rates for in vitro fertilization procedures with assisted hatching have been shown in some published studies to be higher than for IVF without hatching. There is an improvement in the rate of embryo implantation and pregnancy in our IVF clinic with the use of assisted hatching. Apparently, this benefit is not seen in all IVF programs.

It is possible to damage embryos with hatching and lower the pregnancy rates. Therefore, it is essential that if assisted hatching is done, it must be expertly performed by properly trained embryologists.

The actual pregnancy and live birth rates seen in an individual IVF center will vary according to the hatching technique used, the overall quality of the laboratory, the skill of the individual performing the hatching, the embryo transfer skills of the physician, and other factors.


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