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In Vitro Fertilization, IVF Pricing - 100% Refund Guarantee Plan

100% money back guarantee IVF cost option. Your money back if it doesn't work.

100% Refund IVF Pricing Plan
Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

Includes up to 3 fresh IVF cycles - see details below
Female Age 100% Refund Plan Cost
Under 35 $25,000
35-36 $28,000
37-38 $33,000

100% of the fee is refunded if you do not have a live birth

80% refund IVF pricing plans starting at $18,000

Multiple cycle plan from $16,500

Single cycle IVF from $10,000

No Baby Means a Full Refund

There are few treatments in medicine that have such a clearly identifiable measure of outcome as in vitro fertilization. This allows the possibility of outcome-based fee schedules. We offer a pricing option with a 100% refund of the fee for the IVF cycle (medications not included) if you do not deliver a baby.

High Success Rates and Reasonable Fees

Only a program with high IVF success rates can offer such a guarantee. We are not the only program with high pregnancy rates. However, some other programs with high IVF pregnancy rates also have high fees. We offer an unusual combination of high pregnancy rates and reasonable fees. This makes our IVF program one of the most cost-effective in the country.

In fact, we are one of the few clinics in the country willing to "put its money where its mouth is" by offering a 100% refund of the IVF cycle fees if treatment does not result in a live birth (for qualifying couples).

Compare our Success Rates and Pricing - See the Difference

In 2017, clinic-specific IVF program success rates for cycles done in 2015 were released and made public on SART's website. This information allows consumers of infertility services to compare (and validate) pregnancy success rates at IVF clinics.

All couples considering in vitro fertilization should compare live birth success rates and costs before choosing an IVF clinic. Some programs charging $15,000 or more per cycle (with no guarantee) report success rates of less than 20% per cycle for women under 40.

How it Works: In Vitro Fertilization with Full Refund Guarantee

  • The program includes as many as three ovarian stimulation cycles leading to an egg retrieval and any associated frozen embryo transfer cycles.
  • Each ovarian stimulation and fresh embryo transfer cycle can possibly result in leftover embryos for freezing for later use.
  • There could be one (or more) frozen embryo transfer cycles after each fresh one.
  • The couple gets a 100% refund if they do not deliver a baby.

Program Eligibility (using own eggs)

  • If the female partner is using her own eggs, she must be 38 or younger at the time of enrollment and qualify with some basic tests (see below).
  • For women at the higher end of the allowed age range - all cycles using fresh embryos must be completed by 3 months past her 39th birthday.

This payment option can not be used with health insurance paying for the IVF.

Tests needed to qualify:

  1. Normal ovarian reserve testing: Tests are done on day 2, 3 or 4 of the menstrual cycle:
    • FSH, LH, estradiol and AMH blood tests (each test is $75) must be normal.
    • Ultrasound (cost is $250) must show at least 14 antral follicles on an ovary (or ovaries) accessible for egg retrieval.
  2. Evaluation of the uterus: These tests are usually done at a visit to our office on about day 14 of the menstrual cycle:
    • Ultrasound evaluation of the uterus - the uterine lining (endometrium) must be at least 7.0 mm thick (cost is $250).
    • Office hysteroscopy to evaluate the uterine cavity (cost is $500).

Other qualifying issues for our IVF guarantee:

  • The female partner must be a non-smoker. We will accept a smoker if she quits at least 30 days before starting medications. This is documented with urine tests.
  • Women that are significantly overweight (Body Mass Index over 30.0) are not eligible
  • Women that are significantly underweight (Body Mass Index under 19) are not eligible
  • Women that have had an abnormal day 3 FSH test are not eligible
  • Couples that have failed 2 (or more) previous in vitro attempts with fresh embryos (including canceled stimulation attempts) are not eligible.
  • If in vitro fertilization has been attempted previously, copies of all ovarian stimulation and all embryology records must be submitted for review.
  • Couples with 2 or more previous miscarriages are not eligible.
  • The male partner must have at least 100,000 motile sperm in his ejaculate
  • The couple must be willing to have ICSI and freeze any leftover potentially viable embryos (frozen embryos are used before another fresh cycle).

*We reserve the right to approve or deny entry into our guarantee plans on a case by case basis

Included services:

Excluded services:

  • Pre-IVF screening tests
  • Medications
  • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy monitoring
  • Consultations with the physician
  • Embryo storage for more than 12 months, or after you deliver a baby
  • Frozen embryo transfer cycles done with remaining embryos after the birth of a baby

Program Termination

Almost all patients who do not get pregnant from the first in vitro fertilization attempt will be recommended to try again. The main reasons not to do so would be inadequate ovarian response, or very poor egg or embryo quality.

We reserve the right to terminate the patient's participation after each completed cycle (very rare). Likewise, the couple has the right to terminate participation after each completed cycle (after all fresh and frozen embryos are transferred).

  • If our center terminates the couple's 100% refund plan early (before the completion of all attempts), the refundable portion is returned to the couple.
  • Likewise, the couple can quit the program before they complete all of their allotted fresh cycles. The refundable portion is given back if they are not pregnant and all frozen embryos have been transferred.

Medication Costs:

  • Medication costs can be as low as $1500 for an IVF treatment, but average about $3000 and can be as high as $5000.
  • The cost of IVF medications depends on the drug doses and duration of stimulation needed to get a good response.
  • Insurance sometimes covers in vitro fertilization medications

Cycle cancellation during stimulation

  • Ovarian response to stimulation must be sufficient to result in a minimum of 3 mature follicles (15-20 mm diameter) or we "cancel" the cycle and do not do the egg retrieval.
  • If there are at least 2 follicles of 15-20 mm and at least 2 more between 13-15 mm, we would consider proceeding.
  • Rarely, a cycle could be canceled for over-response of the ovaries

Our IVF cycle cancellation policies

If the cycle is canceled during stimulation and before the egg retrieval, the rebate is for all but $700 (cycle management fee) plus $75/blood assay and $250/ultrasound.

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