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Studies show that lifestyle factors have a profound effect on fertility. One of these critical factors is body weight. Not only does body weight impact a woman’s ability to conceive a child naturally, a high BMI puts a woman undergoing assisted reproduction, such as in-vitro fertilization, at risk. BMI is a measure of body size that is calculated by combining

IVF Clinic Success Rates

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have both recently released their 2016 IVF success rate reports and published them online. These reports, which are released annually, allow anyone to investigate either IVF or egg donation success rates using fresh or frozen embryos at almost any clinic in the United States. Federal law requires that all

CDC Report on Fertility Clinic IVF Success Rates, IVF Clinic Success Rates, SART IVF Success Rate Report

By now you might have heard that our fertility center has been acquired by an entity called Prelude. What does this mean for the future? The short answer is that you should not notice any difference. We will continue to maintain our excellent in vitro fertilization and egg donation success rates and will still be caring for those infertile

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Why do we recommend elective single embryo transfer? By: Michelle Catenacci, MD Patient desires Many couples that come to us have had a long and difficult journey with their infertility.  When discussing treatment options, we discuss the risk of twins or high order multiples (triplets or more) that exist with the different available fertility treatment options. However, to many that

Multiple Pregnancy, Single Embryo Transfer

The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago is now offering 2 low cost fertility screening packages. These fertility screening tests will allow couples to have important information about their fertility reserve for the future.

  • In women these tests measure egg supply for the future, also called “ovarian reserve”
  • Ovarian reserve testing is done to estimate the
Age and Fertility, Ovarian Reserve

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Dr. Sherbahn founded the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago in 1997.

He will post regularly about fertility issues.

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