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The 2012 SART report was recently released by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). This annual report details IVF success rates and egg donation success rates for individual clinics that are members of the SART organization. The large majority of US IVF programs are SART member clinics so their IVF success rates are therefore included in this report. A separate report on IVFContinue Reading
IVF Clinic Success Rates, SART IVF Success Rate Report
February 9, 2014

Using Frozen Eggs for Egg Donation

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Egg freezing has been used in reproductive medicine for many years for fertility preservation as well as for banking of donor eggs.  In the last several years egg freezing technology has improved significantly. Therefore, in the fall of 2012 the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the “experimental” designation for egg freezing. Embryo freezing has been utilized very effectively since theContinue Reading
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The CDC recently released the new IVF success rate report that shows individual IVF clinic’s IVF success rates as well as national averages. This report covers IVF treatments performed in 2011. It is available to the public on the CDC website as a PDF or as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. Learn how to interpret CDC IVF clinic success rates resultsContinue Reading
CDC Report on Fertility Clinic IVF Success Rates, IVF Clinic Success Rates
SART has recently released its 2011 IVF success rate report. This report details the in vitro fertilization pregnancy and live birth success rates for all US IVF clinics that are members of the SART organization (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology). Almost all IVF clinics in the US are members of SART. However, some clinics are not SART members so theirContinue Reading
IVF Clinic Success Rates, SART IVF Success Rate Report
Ideal treatment of the poor responder for in vitro fertilization is problematic. Over time, I see more and more patients that have failed multiple IVF attempts at other clinics. The majority of these patients fit into the poor responder category. Generally, the poor responders should be identified by the fertility doctors before starting an IVF cycle. At our fertility clinic weContinue Reading
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