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There are some in vitro fertilization clinics in the US that market aggressively for mini-IVF or micro IVF (also called mild or minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization). Some claims regarding the benefits of mini-IVF are exaggerated or completely untrue. This post clarifies some issues regarding standard vs. mini IVF.

Mild IVF (or micro, or mini IVF) seems to be slowly

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In the United States it is very easy to investigate IVF success rates for all in vitro fertilization clinics

There are two websites that report IVF success rates annually to the public:

  • CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    • CDC is a US government agency
  • SART website (Society
IVF Clinic Success Rates, SART IVF Success Rate Report

What are the issues with freezing eggs to preserve fertility?

Can you freeze eggs in an attempt to preserve fertility for a future pregnancy?

Age and Fertility, Egg Banking, Egg Freezing, Fertility Preservation, Oocyte Cryopreservation

Our society has undergone significant change since the 1960s. Women’s liberation is definitely a good thing. Women can now do pretty much anything that a man can do. However, the one thing that they cannot do is delay childbearing as long as a man can. Our society has evolved and many women are pursuing advanced educations and career advancement –

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We know that chromosomal abnormalities in eggs are responsible for fertility problems – particularly when the woman is in her late 30s or 40s.

Age and Fertility, Chromosomal Abnormalities in Eggs

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